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As Seda Gur Textile & Cosmetics Trading Company, We work with discipline while focusing on details to delivery the best quality. Our decision making process is done with corporate and commercial understanding. Our goal is to become a leader in both contemporary and global market of our sectors.

Türkiye’de Tekstil ve Kozmetik Hakkında Merak Ettiklerinizi Cevaplayabiliriz.

15 Years Of
Industry Experience

International Trade Services:
Experienced in domestic and
international Trade Shows.

Provide Consulting Services
for both Foreign Logistics and Customs.

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Pudra Sweatshirt


Seda Gür manufacturing facilities.

Inventory used for manufacturing. Manufacturing facilities where we produce fine Seda Gür brand.

Seda Gür's Work History and Education

Seda Gur's work experience include; purchase and sales manager, Export and Import Manager, International Trade and Business Director.

ISIK High School

F.M.V Özel Ayazağa Işık Lisesi
Sarıyer – İstanbul – Türkiye

ISIK University

Business Management in English
İstanbul – Türkiye

CAE Cambridge Academy- English

Cambrigde- English Research and Development
Cambridge – İngiltere

İstanbul Üniversitesi

Marka İletişimi
(Şuan Devam Ediyor)

Striving to draw attention to the unexplored points of the textile and cosmetics world with its ideas and applications, SG Textile & Cosmetics Company continues to respond to the demands of many apparel companies in the country by increasing its investments in the world's most respected brand.

Seda Gur's CV

Seda Gur entered the sector in 2005 under the leadership of the family company Gur Accessory Textile and Kusteks brand after completing her education at domestic and abroad.

In addition to the production, marketing and sales experience acquired in this process, she has also achieved successful studies in the wholesale and retail areas of different companies operating on textiles and cosmetics in the position of international sales manager.

While improving herself in these areas, she has also had a positive and successful effect on the companies it provides consultancy services in the fields of Customs and Logistics.

With her 15-year rising performance and inspiration from her dominance of the sector, she continues his adventure in the company she founded under the name ‘’SG Textile & Cosmetics Co.’’ in early 2020.

Seda Gur, who strives to draw attention to the uncharted points of the textile world with her ideas and practices, continues to respond to the demands of many garment companies in the country by increasing their investments in infrastructure while exporting to the world's most respected brands (The UK, Europe, USA, Gulf countries, Middle Eastern countries, North Africa).

SG Textile & Cosmetics Co., which makes decisions with a commercial approach that cares about its institutionality, discipline, quality, and details, continues its work with the goal of being one of the contemporary and global representatives of the sector.